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RMX-44T Mixing Matrix


Oxmoor's mixing matrix systems, featuring the RMX-44T and the RMX-62T, offer the industry's highest quality and unique solutions for many audio routing and combining applications.

For enhanced flexibility, all input/output assignments in our mixing matrix systems can be controlled remotely via switch closures. Alteration and/or modification of signal routing within a complex audio system can be accomplished from a central location.

The RMX-44T is a four-input, four-output combination signal buffer, mixer, and distribution amplifier. All inputs can be individually adjusted in level and combined together to feed any or all outputs.

The RMX-62T is virtually identical to the RMX-44 except that it offers six inputs and two outputs. Our mixing matrix systems are well suited for potential applications that would require combining four or six inputs for zone mixing, and providing simultaneous stereo and mono feeds from different input assignments.

High and low input/output levels can be freely intermixed, allowing semi-pro and professional equipment to be used in a sound system without interface units.

Front panel controls feature input gain trim pots with ±15 dB adjustment. On the rear panel, electronically balanced inputs and balanced, transformer-isolated outputs use reliable XLR connectors. While the nominal input signal range is -10 to +8 dBu, the units are capable of handling +24 dBm to a 600 ohm or greater load, 20 Hz to 20 kHz, with greater than 80 dB of isolation between channels. Each output can be unbalanced independently using internal jumpers.

A rear-panel, 25-pin control port provides individual access to each of the input/output matrix assignment crosspoints. Route any input to a chosen output is simply accomplished via a switch closure.

The RMX-44T features electronically balanced inputs and balanced transformer-isolated outputs, with XLR connectors. It is user-configurable through a 25-pin logic control port and requires one rack space.

RMX-44T Part Number: 2500036

Conformité EuropéenneUnderwriters Laboratories

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Product specifications

Specifications subject to change without notice. The term RMX is a trademark of the Oxmoor Corporation.

Architect and engineer's specifications

Four input, four output mixer/buffer/distribution amplifier. Input to output routing: any input/output matrix possible; user configurable via maintained contact closure to common, through 25-pin logic control port. Control port input type: active low, internally pulled up to +15 VDC. Maximum paralleled control lines: 64. Frequency response: +0, -0.3 dB, 20 Hz - 20 kHz. Hum and noise (ref. +4 dBm output at unity gain): -85 dB, unweighted. Distortion (ref. +4 dBm output at unity gain): THD, -80 dB/0.01%, 20 Hz - 20 kHz; IMD, -80 dB/0.01%. Audio inputs: electronically balanced, 3-pin XLR-type. Input impedance: 80 K ohms. Maximum input level: +24 dBu. Audio outputs: transformer-isolated, balanced, 3-pin XLR-type. Source impedance: 150 ohms. Maximum output level: +24 dBm with 600 ohm termination; +26 dBu unterminated. Individual input gain adjustment of ±15 dB via front-panel trim pots. Mounting: rack-mountable, one EIA rack space (44.45 mm; 1.75 in.).

Acceptable: Oxmoor RMX-44T

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