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RC-16 Remote Volume Control


The RC-16 is our rotary remote control for use with our DCA-2T digital control attenuator. Features Virtual Pointer™ display. The rotary knob will turn continuously without mechanical stops. Uses six-pin RJ-11 (modular phone plug) connections. Requires two-gang mounting plate.

RC-16 Part Number: 2500003

Conformité EuropéenneUnderwriters Laboratories

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Product specifications

Control Type Incremental Rotary Bi-phase Encoder with Quadrature-to-Pulse Conversion Circuit
Display Light-Emitting Diodes Multiplexed Display Refreshed at Line Frequency Rate by Serial Data Burst. One of 16 Concentric Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) is illuminated as a Virtual Pointer
Control Loop Maximum Controls Per Channel 4
Maximum Channels Per Control Loop 64
Maximum Cable Length 600m (2000 ft)1
Contact Requirements Single-Pole Switch or Open Collector Transistor (128 mA capacity), Dry Closure to Logic Ground
Wiring Scheme Daisy-Chained Connection Via Looping Jacks
Cable and Connectors 6-Wire Modular Telephone type RJ-11/12
Lockout Key Switch Single-Pole Dry Closure, 25 mA Capacity
Safety Listing City Of Los Angeles
Mechanical Front Dimensions
578 mm (2.28 in) Square
203 mm (0.8 in) Above Panel Surface
Rear Dimensions
533 mm (2.1 in) Diameter
406 mm (1.6 in) Below Front Panel Surface
Maximum Mounting Panel Thickness 9.6 mm (0.38 in)
Minimum Required Depth 437 mm (1.72 in) Below Front Panel Surface Including Connectors
Finish Matte Black Injection Molded High-Impact Plastic Escutcheon and Knob. Black Painted Can
Shipping: 454 grams (1.0 lb)
Net: 114 grams (0.25 lb)

1 Total length based on typical modular telephone cable resistance of 12 ohms per 100m (330 ft).

Specifications subject to change without notice. The term RC-16 is a trademark of the Oxmoor Corporation.

Architect and engineer's specifications

Rotary remote control for Oxmoor DCA-2T Digital Control Attenuator. Sixteen concentric LEDs provide virtual pointer display. Multiplexed display refreshed at line frequency rate by serial data burst; single illuminated LED gives visual level reference. Control performs incremental rotary bi-phase encoding using a quadrature-to-pulse conversion circuit. Data ports (IN and OUT for DCA-2T connection and "daisy chaining"): RJ-11 type modular phone jacks; accept 4-wire plug for volume control and display or 6-wire RJ-11 type plug for remote activation of Preset or Priority function of DCA; allow "daisy-chain" loop wiring scheme between each control and device controlled. A 5-pin junction block provides connection points for a security key switch and both preset and priority activation. Maximum cable length between remote and controlling device: 600m (2000ft), referenced to a cable resistance of 12 ohms/100m.

Acceptable: Oxmoor RC-16

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